Sambir Bakery

Sambir Bakery
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Sambir bakery was constructed and launched into exploitation on February 7, 1967. It was one of the first standard plants in the country with a 65-ton capacity and total area of 1.6 ha. Two bake house ovens for speciality bread, 3 hearth ovens and 1 oven for buns (of which three are complex-mechanical and the rest are of semiautomatic types) have been installed in the bakery.

In 1967 Sambir bakery was constructed and launched

Starting from 1970 the bakery has in addition mastered confectionery production with the daily output of 500 kg. In 1984 a line for producing the new product straws was assembled.

In 1984 a straw-producing line was assembled

At present the bakery produces up to 125 items of goods. The capacity of the bakery is 12 tons of bread, 1.4 tons of buns and pasties and 0.2 tons of confectionery goods.

The bakery team constitutes 180 employees, whose professionalism and expertise is widely recognised in the region.

125 items of goods



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