Lviv bread-baking plant No. 5

Lviv bread-baking plant No. 5
  • 1980year of
    production launch
  • 40

    kinds of bread
  • 30variations
    of pastries

Construction of the Lviv bread-baking plant was launched in 1977 and as soon as 6 November 1980 the first loaf of bread came off the production line of the newly-build plant.

In 1980 the first loaf of bread came off the production line

At present the bakery is the largest bread manufacturer in Lviv oblast. It supplies over 30% of Lviv city population with bread, as well as satisfies 20% of the oblast demand. The daily capacity for the manufactured range of goods constitutes 106.9 tons of bread products.

Daily capacity 106.9 tons

Products of Lviv bread-baking plant No.5 encompass over 40 items of classical and speciality kinds of bread and over 30 variations of pastries, baked to original Galician recipes and traditions. All products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic additives and preservatives. The supreme quality of the products is guaranteed by the bakery team, who has mastered progressive technologies on the modern equipment and total quality assurance systems, which is applied at all stages of production.

Experts of Lviv bread-baking plant No.5 treasure their expertise of baking bread, revive forgotten recipes, and create new masterpieces, which are recognised by awards of independent experts and prizes in various competitions. Vulky, Zernyatko, Nizhnyy varieties of bread were recognised as the best at republican tasting contests and the long loaf Sykhiv" was rated among the 100 Best Ukrainian Goods in 2005.

The bakery has made it a good practice to treat eminent guests visiting the city to its products. Heads of state from Central Europe during the Summit held in Lviv in May 1999 savoured our bread. In June 2001 the Pope John Paul II was greeted with the traditional festive bread loaf of our make during his visit to Lviv in June 2001. The bakery has long enjoyed it right to supply traditional festive bread loafs for greeting highest officials from Ukraine and all over the world.

40 items of classical and speciality kinds of bread

The greatest asset of the bakery is its highly professional team, which has been developing over a quarter of a century. Today the people involved in making the very first loaf are still with the bakery. In 2008 640 people, who constitute one friendly family, have been working at the bakery. The produce spreads the fame of Lviv bread-baking plant No.5 far beyond the boundaries of its city owing to the professionalism and dedication of its staff.

Lviv bread-baking plant No.5 is dedicated to promoting professional and personal growth of its employees, gives support in their training, nurtures favourable and friendly atmosphere among the staff.

640 employees



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