Lviv Bread TM

Lviv Bread TM offers unique bread recipes and unusual combinations of ingredients. Over 500 years, this sort of bread represents a crown jewel of local bakeries and local residents.

It is known that in the 16th century the profession of a baker was one of the most important in Lviv.At that time all city bakers united into the Baking Manufactory in order to provide the townsfolk with the bread of high quality and irresistible taste every day.

According to city archive books, there were at least 36 bakers in the city.The foreman of the then Baking Manufactory was a man called Vasko, a very active and clever person.He constantly encouraged new masters to move to Lviv, and they brought here new recipes and knowledge.Competitions between bakers never stopped.Who will bake the best white bread? Who will surprise us with the best recipe of rye bread?As a result of these experiments, the exceptional variety of Lviv bread was even mentioned in the diary of Martin Gruneweg, a traveller from Gdansk, in 1582:

“I’ve travelled over half of Europe and visited the famous cities of the world; however I’ve never seen elsewhere such variety of bread sorts that are sold on the market every day.Every foreigner will find here exactly those sorts of bread, strudels and pies that are baked on their Motherhood.”

That’s how the talents and skills of Lviv bakers, which are now inherited by their successors, were born in the medieval times.



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