Concern Khlibprom employs about 3000 employees.

The company pays much attention to the selection of personnel and the creation of favourable climate for its work and professional growth. Concern’s experts improve their skills by participating in training programs of outstanding business schools and institutes.

The company implements a program on adaptation for new employees and the Assessment and Development Center at our Holding ensures impartial assessment of each employee’s capacity with further development of his/her career growth plan.

We are willing to share our own experience and knowledge, and expect employed specialists to reinforce our company with their skills. We are also proud of our colleagues who built their career on the basis of our Company and are now working at the top-echelon companies included in the Global 500 (Fortune).

Professionals of our team support each other and are willing to participate in corporate volunteering. All of us are bound up in business which inspires us, growing and changing together, and believe that all positive changes begin with us.

Join us and let’s change the world together.




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