Lviv Bakery No. 1

Lviv Bakery No. 1
  • 1908year of
  • 130tons
  • ISÎ-9001


Lviv Bakery No. 1 is famous for its centenary tradition of bread baking. As far back as 1908, Mercury firm used to operate in a place of a present enterprise; in 1939 it was nationalized and given a new name of Lviv Bakery No. 1. At that time ‘No. 1’ due to its favourable location close to a railway station and delicious homelike bread reached the record-breaking capacity of 220 tons a day.

In 1908 Lviv Bakery No. 1 was founded

In 1996, the first reconstruction of a plant was undertaken. And a large-scale modernization was first carried out in 2000. Within its limits, 11 lines were renewed, working conditions were made easier and production capacity was doubled. Year 2003 also left a mark in plant’s history; just then the boiler house was built and new mixed rye-wheat bread production line was assembled. In 2007, the long loaf mass production was launched at the Bakery No. 1. In early modern, powerful line of Gostol-Gopan () was installed; it has increased the capacity of long loaf production by 30%. At present, a range of Lviv Bakery No. 1 includes two types of long loaves – ‘Nariznyi’ and ‘Smachnyi’.

Starting from March 1, 2010, the operation of a bakery workshop was resumed following one year and a half pause. A great number of traditional pastries are produced here (buns with poppy seeds and raisins, curd tarts, cheese croissants, etc.), as well as elite kinds of bread (with honey and prunes, bran bread, ‘Sviatkovyi’).

In 2007 the mass production was launched

At present, Lviv Bakery No. 1 Production Unit of Concern Khlibprom PrJSC employs 400 people. Its daily capacity makes up 115 tons of bread products. The range of production unit consists of 19 names of bread goods and 11 kinds of bread, as well as unique ‘live’ dry bread kvass and dried breadcrumbs. Rye breads – ‘Karpatskyi’ and ‘Hetmanskyi’ by tradition enjoy the popularity among the consumers.

Daily capacity 115 tons

All bread goods produced at Lviv Bakery No. 1 meet ISÎ-9001 requirements.

All of this, as well as kind hearts and hard-working people make a taste of bread produced at Lviv Bakery No. 1 homelike, unique and familiar to its consumers over the entire century.

Certificate ISÎ-9001



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