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  • 100tons
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Bread-baking history in Vinnytsya takes its origin in 1933, when the first bakery of the company was set into operation. Since then Vinnytsyakhlib has gone a long way of reconstruction and re-equipment, developed extensive unique expertise and earned the reputation of the leader of baking in Vinnytsya region.

The bakery has successfully integrated automatic bread production, manual labour and superb produce quality. The very preservation of classic technologies and manual labour on specific stages of production enables to achieve exquisite taste of the produce. Traditionally no chemicals or preservatives are used in the production process. The company policy prioritises making healthy products to help people stay healthy. It accounts for Vinnytsyakhlib distinguished style and its strong reputation in the region.

In 1993 Vinnytsyakhlib started to operate

Today the company capacity is 100 tons a day.

Capacity 100 tons per day

The main types of products include standard bread varieties, as well as cookies, confectionery good and various bagels. Over 77 years of their operation laboratories of the bakery have developed and launched into production over 150 types of bread varieties, 66 confectionery products and 15 types of bagels. The total range of product of Vinnytsyakhlib exceeds 200 items and includes products in different price brackets. The produce range is annually complemented with approximately 20 new items. Successes in the development and production of high-quality produce have been repeatedly recognised by public awards and prizes in professional contests.

150 types of bread varieties,
66 confectionery products and
15 types of bagels



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