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Concern Khlibprom PrJSC is one of the largest companies on Ukrainian bread market which produces up to 160 tons of products daily, including bread, bakery, confectionery products and semi-finished bakery products. The Company consists of six processing plants located in Lviv and Vinnytsia regions.

During 18 years of its operation the Company has proved to be a bona fide manufacturer, reliable partner and innovative industry operator. The company is one of the largest investors and employers in the regions of its business activity.


Concern Khlibprom strives to preserve national traditions of production as well as adopts the best international practices.

Bakery plants which are a part of Khlibprom have not lost the decades old recipes and pursue in the regions a policy of production based on natural raw materials. And with introduction of shock freezing technology, the Company has expanded its markets outside Ukraine - in the USA, EU and CIS countries.

Quality Standards

Cooperation with the major retail chains and orientation towards the international quality standards of products create incentives for the Company to implement innovative solutions in the production processes. Each production platform of the Company operates its own accredited quality laboratory that monitors the production at all levels of the production process. In the framework of the technical development program the Company invests in high-tech equipment from Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands.

and Corporate Governance

The investment policy of the Company aims at developing product lines, reducing product cost value, saving non-renewable resources and upgrading production facilities. In its activity the Company is supported by the leading international organizations such as the International Finance Corporation and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation.

In 2010 Concern Khlibprom became one of the top hundred of companies with the highest level of corporate governance. The Code of the same name has been operating in the Company since 2005. The ompany has been recognized for its information transparency, and financial audit of Concern Khlibprom reports is carried out by the world-renowned auditor EY (Ernst & Young).



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