Semi-Finished Bakery Products Plant

Semi-Finished Bakery Products Plant
  • 360 000

    thousand loaves aday
  • 42names of
  • 10mln

    on automation

Semi-finished Bakery Products Factory of PrJSC Concern Khlibprom is a unique bread-baking plant of European standard in Ukraine in view of equipment, having three fully-automatic high-technology lines by worlds leading producers. Launch of fully-automatic plant being unique in Ukraine took place in 2010. Investments in the projects first stage constituted 10 mln.

2010 launch offully-automatic plant

The Enterprise specializes in the manufacture of semi-finished bakery products and products of high degree of fabrication. The production process fully eliminates the influence of human factor on quality of products, while the functions of employees are reduced to launch of the lines and control over the screen indications. Modern equipment is characterized by the greatest possible capacities of range of goods. Average daily capacity of production unit makes up 16tons or 360 thousand loaves a day.

Average daily capacity
16 tons

The Enterprise developed range numbers 42 names of goods being sold in retail chain under Namynayko and Khlibna Khata trademarks.

Yeast-leavened bakery semi-finished products are represented by 25 varieties with natural sweet and piquant fillings to any taste. European premium products, i.e. baguettes, ciabattas, croissants, etc., enjoys special popularity, particularly with the HoReCa segment and chain of supermarkets.

Semi-Finished Bakery Products Plant (SFBPP) is one of few enterprises in the country which while implementing European sorts of bread is being consulted by the technologists from Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, etc. And technologists of SFBPP in their turn underwent training in France where they adopted the latest world practices and techniques of bread-baking.

Plants staff was formed on the principle of the best of the best selection at all Concerns units in five regions of Ukraine; all bread-baking specialist received higher specialized education.

42names ofgoods

In July 2010, PrJSC Concern Khlibprom introduced and certified the Food Safety Management System at plant complying with HACCP principles and requirements of ISO 22000:2005 international standards. Quality and Food Safety Management System is to prevent negative factors in the production process and ensures the control over the product safety at any stage of production chain from supply of raw and consumable materials to shipment of the finished products to the customer. As of today, Food Safety Management System under HACCP principles is one of the cutting edge and most accredited international systems of food safety ensuring and control. It has been introduced as obligatory in most EU countries, in particular in Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

ISO22000:2005 international standards



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