Confectionery Shop (Lviv)

Confectionery Shop (Lviv)
  • 1991start of
  • 200items
    of goods
  • 6category of the

Starting from 1959, bread-baking plant No.2, being a part of the union of food industry companies — «Lviv Bakery», functioned at the address, where the Confectionery shop is located now. In 1986, construction of the new confectionery shop commenced in this territory. Confectionery shop started its operation in 1991 and produced 100 items of confectionery products per year.

During 2002—2007, the shop operated as a part of «EkoLan» Corporation. The best confectioners of the region were engaged in the company; moreover, they are still working here. The win in Ukrainian Contest of Confectioners became an approval to the high level of the team excellence. It is the confectioners of this shop who are entrusted to bake cakes for the city holidays. The cake in the form of the High Castle baked for 745th anniversary of Lviv and 900kg cake for its 750th anniversary are among the most original ones.

February 01, 2010, the confectionery unit of Concern Khibprom was given its present name — the Confectionery shop.

In 1991 start of Confectionery shop operation

Today, the Confectionery shop is the largest manufacturer of cakes in Lviv region and holds over 30% of the flour sweets market. The shop produced 1800 tons of products in 2009.

The wide range of cakes, which includes 71 positions, is one of the most convincing advantages of the powerful manufacturer. The present-day confectionery is well-known for its exclusive cakes that are baked specially for corporate events, birthdays, weddings, children holidays, etc. There are rolled cakes, muffins, puffs, spice cakes, cookies, pies, crackers, and biscuits in the range of the company products — over 200 items in total.

Over 200 items of goods

The quality of all raw materials, from which confectionery products are baked, and compliance of the final products with regulatory documents are monitored by the qualified measuring productive and technological laboratory that is functioning within the Confectionery shop.

Production unit is proud of its friendly and highly skilled staff, of confectioners of the 6th category in particular, who are baking exclusive cakes and work over their highly artistic decoration. As of today, the staff numbers 300 persons.

The wide range of sweet products of the Confectionery shop is represented in the city supermarket networks, «Tobi» stores and Confectionery Cafe at the address.

Confectioners of the 6th category



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